Ashley Kai

azuki mochi

Azuki Mochi is a new confectionary shop located in North Park specializing in mochi, a Japanese rice cake dessert. Mochi was traditionally made as offerings for the lunar new year and eaten for good luck and fortune. Today, it is a popular dessert with many varieties for different occasions. While mochi is not rare to find in San Diego, Azuki aims to stand out by incorporating the Japanese tradition of thoughtful and elaborate gift giving. 



To craft a friendly and inviting mood, the brand uses soft colors derived from popular mochi ingredients such as red bean and matcha green tea. To convey the sophisticated modernism of the brand, a condensed style of Din was used, coupled with the slab serif Caecilia. These typefaces were foiled with rose gold on the packaging labels to enhance the warmth of the muted colors while also serving as an additional layer of opulence. The drawer style gift boxes connects the recipient with the brand and product through an enjoyable experience of unboxing.