Ashley Kai


Gravita is an all-natural men’s skincare product line made locally in San Diego. The brand targets mid-high income men, ages 26-38, who have a passion for the ritual of shaving. There is a growing movement of men who are turning away from modern razors with disposable heads in favor of old fashioned safety razors and adopting the multi-step process of beard and skin care. The brand also has a line for hair and body care that needs a cohesive style. 



To give the brand a unique look, a custom typeface was created for the logo. The modernized take on blackletter evokes refinement and style which establishes an overall clean and masculine feel. The use of olive green reflects the high quality of the natural and botanical ingredients in their products. Traditional amber bottles were chosen for their reusability and light blocking ability, creating an aesthetic balance of old and new as well as emphasizing the authenticity of craftsmanship.