Ashley Kai


Joie is a lifestyle magazine focusing on the art of living simply. The publication targets professional middle-income women, aged 25-40, trying to achieve a minimal lifestyle. Feature articles illuminate this growing movement of living a mindful and more intentional simple life. Joie caters to this growing minimalist niche by focusing on quality over quantity and showing that less is more. 


The clean aesthetics of the magazine play a fundamental role in establishing an upbeat and minimal feel. Bright and airy photography, as well as the generous use of white space, differentiate Joie from information heavy covers making it stand out on the crowded magazine rack.

Joie’s masthead features Latin Modern Mono, a monospaced typeface reminiscent of strike-on typewriters. Ideal Sans is used as the body copy for its clean, functional, geometric look to further complement the simple yet sophisticated character of the publication. Organization is an essential component of each spread as articles speak to green living, new uses for old things and curating your home. Emphasis is placed on natural materials, clean lines and uncluttered layouts.