Ashley Kai

mystic fog

Mystic Fog is a unique craft brewery located in the heart of San Francisco, inspired by intimate gatherings with friends around the campfire and the rich history of the city. The target demographics of the brand are young professionals that work in the Bay Area, ages 24-34, with a love for craft brews and a good story. Mystic Fog needed a bottle design that would connect to the target audience and differentiate the product from competitors.


To give the labels a unique look, a line-style illustration was crafted to fit into a signature five-sided geometric shape that stands out among other competitors. The label incorporates film and grain textures to create an eerie look and give the label depth. Each style of beer, which is named after an urban legend or haunted spot around San Francisco, is represented by an icon displayed at the top of the label. The colors that represent the beer styles are inspired by of the colorful neighborhoods in the city.