Ashley Kai

westminster dog show

Since its formation in 1887, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has become one of America’s oldest traditions, with an average of over 3.7 million viewers each year. Currently, the majority of the viewer demographic is middle-aged dog owners, skewing female. The WKC would like to start drawing in younger viewers, ages 26–41, with a redesigned look that feels fresh, but also retains the classic sophistication of the brand. Facing a growing stigma of owning purebred dogs, the WKC also wants to build a better public reputation for breeders and show dogs.



As this brand is all about the televised event, it was important that high quality photographs were carefully selected for the event booklet to exhibit the poise of the show dogs. Brandon Grotesque was chosen as the main typeface for its clean, soft-spoken tone, allowing the colors and photos to speak to the audience. A variety of dog related items were also branded to be available for purchase at the event.